Who am I?

Everybody ask themselves this question once in a while. I am an already-past-my-twenties modeller from Europe. I’ve been in the hobby since childhood, then I took a little break and returned to the ‘business’ couple of years ago. I usually work on armour models in 1:35 scale. I also try to paint figures from time to time, but I’m not very good at it. I’ve never made an aircraft model in my life. Not proud of it, just saying…

Recently I’ve started to build models based on historical photos and it sort of became my thing.

Why have I created this website?

I honestly believe modelling should be a community hobby. When I was younger I was a member of a club and enjoyed the time spent together in discussing history, sharing techniques and wondering who is the biggest nerd in the room.

I believe this website can be a support to the community. I want to gather people interested in history and the art of modelling. Sharing ideas, constructive criticism and teamwork are the foundations of any progress after all.

Wanna help?

I’m happy to offer you this whole content for free. However, if you feel my tutorials helped you or entertain you somehow, consider making a donation. I will use it to improve the website. Thanks!

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