You guys ask a lot of question and sometimes I hear them over and over again. On this FAQ page I’ll be explaining the most popular subjects.


About my work

What kind of airbrush do you use?

Right now I’m rocking a Harder&Steenback Infinity CR+ with a 0.2 nozzle. I think it’s a very decent airbrush. The nozzle is pretty narrow and clogs like crazy if you’re not careful. But I like to work with very diluted paint anyway, so I don’t mind.

As for the compressor, I own a custom built unit made of a fridge compressor. I set it to roughly 25 psi, then I use a valve on my airbrush to adjust the pressure to my needs.

What kind of paints do you use?

For airbrush I use almost exclusively Ammo Mig acrylics. They aren’t perfect but with a little bit of experience you can do pretty much everything with those paints. I also love Lifecolor paints but they don’t work well enough with the hairspray technique.

For brush I use Vallejo palette mostly. I like the range, thickness and texture of those paints. Again, Lifecolor paints are great too.

For weathering I use a lot of van Gogh artistic oils by Talens and some enamel products by Ammo Mig as well.

What kind of brushes do you use?

Multiple brands. I use expensive natural bristle brushes for acrylic paint. For enamels and oils usually I use cheap synthetics.  The  oil thinner destroys the brushes very quickly. So why waste the money?

Why do you choose products of the company X over the company Y? Is the company X better?

Not necessarily. I use products that I’m used to. They are of good quality but it doesn’t mean there aren’t better/easier to use competitors. I’m always trying to explain the pros and cons of any product I use.

Do you sell your models?

I don’t build my models with the intention to sell them. But yeah, if you’re determined enough I think we can make a deal. It would be hard to say goodbye to my babies after all those hours of work, but hey… The 100$ bills make the best handkerchiefs, don’t they?

Do you do commissions?

I’m open to any interesting propositions. Contact me and we’ll discuss the details.

How long does it take you to finish a model?

Obviously, it depends on the complexity of the project. I’ve never set a timer but for a complex model like ZSU-57-2 I’d say its easily 150+ hours.

How do you take your photos?

I use a Nikon D90 camera with the stock 18-55 lense for most of my shots. I shoot in full manual mode with a high f-number (depth of field) and 200 ISO. A tripod is essential for all the sessions. I light my bench with 3 sources of light: 1 table lamp from the top and 2 strong photo bulbs from the sides. I don’t use a light tent but I cover my lights with a diffusing material. Check out my basic setup here.

All my photo files are RAWs so I can use Photoshop for some minor editing.

About the hobby

I'm new to the hobby. How to start?

Don’t buy a huge complicated kit – you’ll get frustrated quickly. The Panzer II by Tamiya (35009) is a great kit to start the hobby with. Assemble the model – all you need for that is a hobby knife, styrene glue and some sanding paper. Make sure the surface of the model is clean and well polished. Then paint the tank with a brush. Enamels like Humbrol are probably the most forgiving paints for a beginner. Dilute the paint and cover the model with a couple of thin layers. When you finish 2 or 3 models and you still want more, it’s time to step up your game and buy an airbrush.

How much experience does it take to make a good model?

It’s a process. Like with everything else, don’t expect to nail it at first try. Get familiar with all the techniques and look for inspiration in other people’s work. And, most importantly, set you goals high – don’t get satisfied easily with your work. Make sure your new model is better than the previous ones.

Is scale modelling art?

It can be. Although only a handful of guys take it to this level in my opinion.

About this website

Is it hard to run a website like that?

Well, yeah… Especially at the beginning and if you know absolutely nothing about web design. With time it gets easier, you can rely on your experience and create some templates. If you need help with building your modelling blog, let me know. I’d try to help.

Does anyone pay you to do this?

Sadly, no… 🙁 For the time being the website is 100% non-profit. I do this to document my work and share my experience with you guys. However, I don’t rule out any sponsored content or ads if it helps me maintain the blog. But it will be done with full transparency and honesty.

Does any company pay you to promote their stuff?

Again, sadly, no… I only use the products of my own choice. I present them on the photos for educational purposes only and I’m trying to be thorough and honest about their quality. If I ever make a deal with a company, you’ll be the first to know.

I commented on one of your articles, but the comment is not there? What the hell, man?

You can’t believe how much spam I get on a daily basis. So I decided to manually approve any comment before it gets published on the website. Be patient- as long as you don’t advertise penis enlargement pills, your comment will eventually appear…

You have more questions? Contact me or ask in the comments below.