German tankers making KV-1 model

Historical photo of the day #1

Today I would like to introduce a new series on my website. As I’ve already mentioned I really like to browse through old historical photos. I’ve gathered hundreds of interesting pictures that serve me as both reference and inspiration. But let’s face it: I won’t have time to use them all. So I would like to share some ideas with you.

Here’s a real treat: German tankers making paper model of a Russian KW-1, probably as an enemy recognition exercise. The photo was taken shortly before the battle of Kursk. Here’s a second take:

German tankers making KV-1 model

I’ve always wanted to make a diorama based on this photo, but I guess I’ve never found time and dedication. Maybe one of you will be eager to try? If you find a way to customize those figures, the rest of the diorama will be pretty easy.

Come on, a modeller making two tankers behind a tank making a tank? That’s an award-winning inception right there.

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