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Good cause

Today I don’t have any SBS to show you, but this is still an important message. I’ve came across a non-profit organization that takes our hobby to a totally new, charitable level. Models for Heroes is a company based in the UK that provides modelling supplies to mental health institutions. The help is aimed especially at the veterans injured in combat.

I had no idea but apparently  model making is used as a part of the therapy for PTSD, anxiety and depression as well as physical injuries.

How can we help? Well except for the money donation you can also donate kits or modelling supplies that you don’t need no more. I’m sure all of us have a lot of stuff that is just lying around. If you leave in the UK you can also become a volunteer.

Please guys, share this message. It’s great to know that our hobby helps someone battle their demons. We should join this fight too.

You can send the kits to:

Models for Heroes
1 Harrier Road

RG20 4AB

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