The chipping is done, ZSU-57 by TAKOM

The double hitter: painting part 1

Last time I finished painting the interior of my ZSU-57-2. I also glued the turret together and finally my model started to look like an actual tank. I really hate to use the glue after the painting. It’s a recipe for disaster. But I guess sometimes it’s inevitable… OK, painting the interior was just a warm-up, let’s see how will it go with the rest of the model. As always, use the convenient links below…

Historical photo of the day #2: Panzerbefehlswagen III

Historical photo of the day #2

Here’s another photo for inspiration. It’s not that rare, so some of you may know it. What we’ve got here is general Hermann Balck in a Panzerbefehlswagen III, a commander version of Panzer III Ausf. H. What I find particularly interesting here are those water marks on the turret and at the front of the tank. The turret is almost completely wet with some little streaks of water coming down. Some of the rain is…

Finished interior, ZSU-57 by TAKOM

The double hitter: the interior

The construction is finally over. When I started this project I didn’t really expect that it would be so much hassle. Technically, it’s not that hard. I hope you guys could see that it’s no black magic. But the process of research, planning and gathering supplies is really time consuming. So I’m really glad it’s done. If you’ve missed the previous chapters, use the links below. And now enough talking. Let’s start painting the interior!…

German tankers making KV-1 model

Historical photo of the day #1

Today I would like to introduce a new series on my website. As I’ve already mentioned I really like to browse through old historical photos. I’ve gathered hundreds of interesting pictures that serve me as both reference and inspiration. But let’s face it: I won’t have time to use them all. So I would like to share some ideas with you. Here’s a real treat: German tankers making paper model of a Russian KW-1, probably…

ScaleDracula on Facebook

Social modelling

I am old but not old enough to have missed the existence of Facebook. From now on you can visit my FB site as well. Come to to get in touch with me, ask question and be up to date with the site. Sometimes I’ll probably post some exclusive stuff there. See you!

The model is ready for painting, ZSU-57 by TAKOM

The double hitter: the construction part 2

This is the third part of my ‘Double Hitter’ soap opera. Check out the previous posts below if you’ve somehow missed them. The double hitter: introduction The double hitter: the construction part 1 Let’s continue with the scratch-building. I’ll move to the upper structure now. It is a little bit more complicated, but I’ll try to explain the process step by step. I created the basic shape of the roof again using PLASTRUCT products. Obviously…

Test fit of the cannon, ZSU-57 by TAKOM

The double hitter: the construction part 1

Last time I presented you the idea of recreating a model from a historical photo. Use the link below if you’ve missed this post. Now let’s move on to the construction. The double hitter: introduction My version of ZSU-57-2 will need a lot of scratchbuilding, but I leave it for later. I started the construction with wheels and undercarriage which is boring, but well, it has to be done. You might want to leave the…


The double hitter: introduction

My previous project, the Ferguson tractor, was a lot of fun. But now I going into the opposite direction. Last time I really enjoyed the liberty of building a civil, random vehicle not restrained by any historical facts. Now I’m going to let those restraints hit me big time. Recreating a real vehicle from a photo is at so many levels the biggest challenge in this hobby. It means problems. And you’re going to stumble against…

Ferguson after weathering

Countryside hero #3: Weathering

This is the last part of my Ferguson built. Use the links below to check out the previous stages: Countryside hero #1: Construction Countryside hero #2: Painting Here’s my favourite part of every build: the weathering. I really like when all the necessary ‘chores’ are done and I can only concentrate on adding some seasoning to the dish. My model was still in pieces, because I wanted to have easier access to same areas. I…

The painting begins, Ferguson by Heller

Countryside hero #2: Painting

I left off the little Ferguson after it was put together and primed. If you missed that post, here it is: Countryside hero #1: Construction It was at this point that I had to decide what kind of vehicle I would like to build. I assumed my Ferguson will be a worn out machine that have spent years on the field but is still in operating order. So the model will be chipped and dirty…