Model is primed and ready to paint, Ferguson by Heller

Countryside hero #1: Construction

Being an armour modeller for since I can remember, for a long time I didn’t even considered building anything out of this ‘serious warfare’ category. Cars, trains, motorcycles? I didn’t understand why people would like to get involved in such trivial and casual subjects. Why would you want to recreate a vehicle that you pass everyday on your parking lot? The machines of war always seemed much more exciting, because they were much more distant,…


Hello everyone! Welcome to my website that I will dedicate to the art of scale modelling- especially armour modelling, painting and weathering. This site will take off as a straight day-after-day blog. But successively,  the most valuable content as SBS, reviews or galleries will be published on separate pages for easy access. Feel free to browse my site and keep modelling! ScaleDracula